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Quilt for a Cause
Heritage of Hope – the Fiber of the Yadkin Valley



Hello, quilters! Wow! Have the last several months been trying times! Many of us had our quilting interrupted to make masks – many of you are STILL making masks! For those of you ready to get back to quilting, we are working on a community project to beneifit our community – in a QUILTY way!

You may have heard of Yadkin Valley Strong – a recent collaboration between the Yadkin Valley United Fund, Yadkin Valley Chamber, Explore Elkin, Elkin City Schools, Mercy and Truth Ministries, and Tri-County Christian Crisis Ministries aimed at raising and distributing funds for individuals/families who have lost their employment because of COVID-19. Yadkin Valley Strong also provides funds for food and supplies to Tri-County Christian Crisis Ministries, Mercy and Truth Ministries, and 7 local elementary schools in our service area. This project is funded by individuals and administered by local individuals – there is no government involvement! This means those who did not qualify for assistance under the government programs have an opportunity to receive aid from our local community.

As we at Yadkin Valley Quilts are working to resume normal activities in the shop, we wanted to bring our quilting community back together in a way that would benefit our local community. A way to help those who have been adversely affected by recent events. Out of this desire came Heritage of Hope – the Fiber of the Yadkin Valley, a friendly competition between quilters that ultimately benefits our neighbors in need!


  1. Participants will submit a 12 ½” block (UNfinished) depicting their interpretation of the theme, Heritage of Hope – the Fiber of the Yadkin Valley, along with a written story about the block. May be an original or traditional design using traditional piecing, paper piecing, appliqué, embroidery, etc. If using another designer’s pattern, please give proper credit in the story.  Block stories should include an explanation of how the theme was interpreted and translated into the submitted block, and any other information that the quilter wishes to share about the block and the creative process such as techniques or specialty tools used, why the colors were selected, etc. The story should be limited to 500 words or less.
  2. Participants may submit more than one block, each with its own story. Blocks will not be returned to participant, as they will be used in a quilt.
  3. Each submission will receive one raffle ticket for the completed quilt.
  4. Blocks will be judged by a panel of experienced quilters and members of the community. The winner will receive a $50 Yadkin Valley Quilts Gift Certificate.
  5. Yadkin Valley Quilts will create a quilt using the submitted blocks. The completed quilt will be raffled and awarded this fall, with proceeds going to Yadkin Valley Strong*.
  6. Blocks and written stories must be received at Yadkin Valley Quilts by 3 pm Saturday, July 18, 2020, in order to be included in the judging process.
  7. In order to ensure impartial judging do NOT include your name on the block or in the written story.  When entries are submitted to YVQ each block and story will be assigned a code/number to identify the participant.


*In the event that Yadkin Valley Strong has completed its mission and “closed” when the raffle is completed, funds will be given to the Yadkin Valley United Fund’s Emergency Fund (the fund that contributed to the start of Yadkin Valley Strong).