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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions...we've got answers!

What are your hours?

We are open Thursday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. We are open Saturdays 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays are our "Studio Days" meaning there is a good chance we are working, designing, making and quilting quilts as well as keeping up with office work.  If you are a quilter or looking to purchase a quilt give us a call. If we are here we will be happy to meet you. If you are coming in the near future, we would be happy to set up an appointment to be sure we will be here.

Yadkin Valley Quilts is closed on Sundays.

Need to visit YVQ "after hours"? Give us a call during regular business hours! We will accommodate your needs as we are able.

I just got a new-to-me machine, but I don't know how to use it. Can you help a fellow quilter out?
Certainly! At least, we will do our very best! We will gladly schedule a one-on-one appointment with you and your machine to help you learn the basics of operation. We do ask that you bring the instruction manual with you (if you have it). Please have the pertinent information with you when you schedule your appointment.

If you purchased your machine from a local dealer, we recommend that you work with them to get proper instruction on your machine (this is often included in the price of purchase).

How do I register for classes?
Great question! You may stop in to register for classes using cash, check, or credit card. You may also call and use a credit card to register for classes.

When should I register for an upcoming class?
We ask that you register for classes at least 7 calendar days prior to the start of the class. Thanks for asking!

I registered for a class, but I just found out I can't be there. Now what?
We are sorry to hear that you won't be able to make your scheduled class. We do ask that you give us 3 days notice if at all possible. We will gladly apply your class fee to another class. You will be responsible for the difference if the new class is more than the original one. If the new class is less than the original class, we will apply the difference to yet another class.

Do you ever cancel your classes? And if so, what about my registration fee?

We don't like to cancel classes. In the event that there is a need to cancel a class (due to weather, illness, low enrollment, etc.), we will give you as much notice as we can that we are doing so. Additionally, we will either reschedule the class, or apply your class fee to another class.

What closing schedule do you follow for weather?
Because we are in the heart of Historic Downtown Elkin, we follow the Elkin City Schools weather closing schedule. This means that if Elkin schools are closed due to weather, so are we. Still have questions? Check our Facebook page, email us, or call the studio at 336-258-8383.

What should I bring to my class?
General supplies you should expect to bring to class include your sewing machine* (in good working condition), basic sewing supplies – including thread, scissors, pins, seam ripper, writing paper and a pen/pencil, rotary cutter, and rulers. We ask that you have all of your supplies clearly marked with your name or other identifying information so that they don't try to go home to play with other quilters (and to be able to return them to you in the event that they do manage to go home with someone else!).

We provide students with a supply list at the time of registration that lists other specific items necessary for the class, i.e. special rulers, books, templates, etc.

*We do have a limited number of sewing machines available for use. Please inquire when registering for class about reserving one.

How does that whole copyright thing work?
Another good question! Quilt designers work hard to provide accurate and creative patterns for us to use. We ask that you refrain from copying, tracing, sketching, or reproducing any pattern without purchasing the pattern or book. This is how the designer gets paid for their work.

Many of our classes require a book or pattern for the class. Please respect the authors'/designers' efforts by purchasing your own copy. No copying or sharing, please!

I want to take a class on _____. Will you offer it?
We love to add new classes to our schedule! Let us know what you are looking for, and we will do what we can to accommodate your request.

If you have sewing machines available for use during class, why do you recommend bringing our own machine?
It's simple, really. You and your machine are good friends (or you should be!). You know each other well. You know all the intimate details of what your machine likes — how the bobbin is inserted (yes, it does make a difference!), how to thread it, how to wind a bobbin, and the list goes on! While we love the machines we have available in the studio, it will take you some time to get to know them and learn to love them, too.

Rather than have you go through the growing pains of having to develop a relationship with a new machine, we offer sewing machine valet service. "What does this mean?", you ask! It means we will carry your machine to and from your car for you, just for the asking!

Do you offer private lessons?
Absolutely! Private lessons start at $10 per hour. Please stop in to discuss your needs and to get on our schedule.