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Wow! So much is going on in the world these days! We’ve seen many quilters digging into their stash and sewing up masks to aid with the shortage of medical masks. We have been reluctant to join in the fun due to the various styles and specific needs/requirements, but have recently been asked for help by two local organizations.

If you have been wanting to help in some way, but did not know how, we invite you to join us! We will be collecting masks at the shop (by appointment) and getting them to the organizations. (According to North Carolina Executive Order #121, “Leaving the home and travel for essential activities is permitted….to volunteer with organizations that provide charitable and social services”.)

  • Our sweet Krista works at the VA in Fayetteville and they are looking for masks to supplement their limited supply. Click here for more information – they have requested that we use ties rather than elastic. 
  • One of our customers is an OR nurse at Medical Park in Winston-Salem. They are anticipating a shortage of masks with the ongoing need for surgical procedures. We have worked with her to find and modify a pattern that meets their needs. They will be inserting pieces of sterilization material into the masks to provide extra protection, so our pattern provides an opening for the insert on the inside of the mask. Click here for more information. 

For both organizations, we are using 200 count premium cotton muslin as the lining, and fusible non-woven interfacing (Pellon 906F) to face both the outside fabric and the lining to provide extra protection. We will provide a 9" x 118" piece of muslin that will line 12-15 masks to individuals wishing to help with these projects.

Other medical workers have expressed an interest in masks Any masks above the requests from the VA and Medical Park will be available for other medical professionals and individuals who need that added protection when they have to get out – members of our “at risk” community.

When you drop off your masks, please have them in a clear bag (gallon zip bag works well) with a note stating your name and number of masks enclosed.